Warren Vermont Zoning Permit Acquired!


warren zoning for microbreweryMonths after being verbally ‘shut down’ due to a misunderstanding, I talked to an attorney and reviewed the Warren Zoning regulations to see if what I wanted to do – namely start a brewery in the basement of my barn – was legal. I made a case with our local zoning administrator, filled out the application and paid the fee…then I went on vacation with my wife.

I returned today to find a zoning permit screwed to the tree with issue date and appeal dates already passed. According to the rules of the land, I am now permitted to start a microbrewery in my barn within the next 2 year.

Another jump, another hurdle passes under me.

Only real downside to the approved Home Occupancy is that I can’t do any retail business out of the barn. So, no growler or bottle sales on site – looks like I’ll have to negotiate with some nice local retail people in the valley.