Brewer’s Notice (without much fanfare)

Steve Butchernews

Butcher Beer Brewer's Notice

The Federal Brewer’s Notice application is long and messy. Red tape abounds. There is a phone number to call, but the hold times are over a half hour and the phone system disconnects you before that. The instructions are exactly what you would expect from a federal agency – long, overwritten, confusing – basically not helpful.

Oddly, one of the most helpful pages is the “Days to process permits” page. It actually shows the average number of days you should expect to wait after submitting your Brewer’s Notice application by month submitted.

After jumping through all the hoops in July, August and September of 2015, and waiting the number of days listed for my September submission (137), I decided to call. Three phone calls and disconnects later, I finally waited on hold for 20 minutes and got an operator. She gave me my Specialist Kimberly Rodgers number and connected me. Kimberly picked up the phone on the 1st ring and kindly explained she had a pile of applications on her desk (literally).


I logged into the TTB site weekly to check on my application’s status. I did it so many times, by the time March came around I was thinking more about my upcoming vacation than my never-progressing app. Plus, I never received an email from them.

Butcher Beer Brewer's NoticeSo this morning, I went into my email to clean up my junk mail and look for any actual emails wrongly trashed and bing bang boom, there’s an email from I clicked on the link, entered my login and password and there it was “Approved” as of February 9, 2016.

Hoop jumped through…on to the next one.