Warren Vermont Zoning Permit Acquired!


Months after being verbally ‘shut down’ due to a misunderstanding, I talked to an attorney and reviewed the Warren Zoning regulations to see if what I wanted to do – … Read More

Certificate of VT DLC Seminar Attendance


VT DLC Malt Beverage class certificate

Another hurdle crossed. Today I spent a couple of hours going through the required “Vermont Department of Liquor Control” Malt Brewing Seminar. It’s a short lesson on the rules and regs of … Read More

Creating a yeast cell bank

Steve Butchernews

For starters, yeast is a living organism, which means, among other things, temperature affects it. It’s expensive to buy, even if you are only brewing 10-20 batches a year. But, because … Read More

The keezerColossal

Steve Butchernews

When you brew more than once a month and you can’t drink all that you brew before the next brew day, you need some cooler space to store …

Brewing as a hobby

Steve Butchernews

Stove top kettle

Well, it’s been just over 20 years since I (re)started home brewing. I started gathering the necessary equipment to start brewing in the basement of our barn in Vermont’s Mad River Valley. I forgot how much … Read More