Bitter Butcher

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  I’ve always had a thing for a solid English bitter beer from the ‘old country’ with lower carbonation and a bit more malty than it’s American relatives. I refined this recipe from multiple brew tastings … Read More

Butcher in the Rye™

vickeryhill Ales, IPA

Butcher in the Rye™

I’ve always loved Rye. We grew a little bit on the farm in Michigan when I was a boy. I enjoy a nice glass of Rye Whiskey, neat. A nice salty sandwich … Read More

Double Kidder

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I grew up in central lower Michigan on a farm. My dad treated me like a man long before I was one (if I am even am one now). He would … Read More

Japanese Cowboy

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I had this hankering one day while listening to Ween. I imagined a nice biscuit smothered in ginger marmalade with sprinkles of lemon zest. I bought some fresh ginger and lemons, crafted … Read More

Low Ball

vickeryhill Ales, IPA, Session

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A special session that is ultra low on alcohol and high on flavor. It’s another work in progress that gets better with age. To be continued in 2017.

Mad Oat Stout

vickeryhill Ales, Stout

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My wife’s a helluva baker. She makes these hearty cookies called Mad Oats…

Yellow Farmhouse Inn Pale Ale

vickeryhill Ales, IPA, Pale Ale

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The Yellow Farmhouse Inn is a beautiful bed & breakfast on the northern end of the Mad River Valley. They’re known for their clean rooms, peaceful setting, and amazing breakfasts. They often … Read More

Mad River Antler Amber Ale

vickeryhill Ales, Amber

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I created this beer for a friend here in the Mad River Valley, Ken Kenia, who has spent the last 10 years perfecting the crafting of beautiful chandeliers, lamps, wine racks, and other … Read More